Do you know the do’s and don’ts of Ugg Boots? There are some basic things that should be taken care while shopping, dressing and caring for these boots. Well, let me share with you some of the do’s and don’ts of these boots that should be taken into consideration. Let’s start with the do’s first.

Do’s of Ugg BootsĀ 


In winter your foot needs extra protection and warmth from the bitter cold. So, in this regard you can prefer a pair of tall ugg boots or Australian sheep skin boots that will warm your feet with the thermostatic nature of the sheepskin.
Even in summer you can wear these boots to a certain extent of time. These boots are made with double faced sheepskin which helps wicking away moisture from your feet. It allows air circulation for proper breathability and keeps the feet cool and comfy.
After surfing in the ocean water, your feet will get wet and you may feel chilled. So, in such case wear your ugg boots that will warm your feet and ease them with comfort.
For fabulous look, pair your ugg boots with jeans tucked in them which will give you a flirty and glamorous looks.
Willing to make a style statement, then dress up yourself with a short denim skirt and pair your gleaming feet with these fabulous boots to be the centre of attraction in the crowd.
While shopping, always be conscious of what’s the purpose of buying these boots. Before purchasing, see to that your boots fit you properly and are well branded ones. I say this because, with the increasing demand for ugg boots, many small manufacturers are producing the fake ones with cow hide to make their brand popular. And such fake branded boots may harm your feet causing some foot disorders.

Don’ts of Ugg Boots

Never think of wearing oversized sweatshirts and track pants paired with ugg boots. This will give you a completely preppy look.
And also never wear these boots for any wedding or office wear; there are chances that people may laugh at you.
Never go for surfing with ugg boots. These boots are designed with the purpose of wearing them after you come back from surfing to warm your cold feet. If worn while surfing, then your boots will get wet, completely spoiled and even may not lost longer.
Never wear them while walking over mud or watery areas; this will damage the quality of your boots.
Don’t wear these boots for walking outside during rainy season.
Never go for any cheap quality ugg boots as they are the fake ones made of cowhide which will harm your skin.
Avoid shopping for ugg boots in the morning as many foot specialists say that your foot will tend to swell in the evening, so fit may differ.


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