A few years ago after the ugg boot had shot to world wide fame as the comfortable high fashion shoe of choice, a man called Braun Ottosen Eik from Greenland decided he could make a better trainer boot and he decided to flu fill his dream. He flew to China and visited shoe makers with nothing but a concept for a shoe and some styling sketches for shoes that would combine the wearability and comfort of a sports trainer with the warmth and the comfort of a boot. He also wanted a warm lined shoe with a padded upper that would be faux fur lined and much warmer and more insulating to cold temperatures in the extremely long and harsh winters that countries as close to the poles a Greenland felt.www.uggstore.co.il

He managed to convince have his shoes designed and even got a batch of his first shoes which he called snow joggers manufactured. The name of shoes was an amalgamation of the sow shoes and joggers and his first batch had just six hundred pairs. After returning to his native country of Greenland, he decided to sell his shoes under the brand rubber duck snowjoggers but he faced an uphill task in getting shoe shops and retailers to even stock and show his funky new style of shoes in their stores for sale. He offered great terms and the promise to take back his shoes if the stores were not able to sell them. But luckily he didn’t need to take any shoes back from the stores.

Customers loved the crazy new style of shoes and people who were looking for the trend towards ugg boots jumped on the snow jogger band wagon whole heartedly. The fact that snow joggers not only looked very different from the boots that they were competing against was a huge advantage and the second advantage at least on a visual front was that unlike ugg boots snow joggers were available in all kinds of bright colours and even cool and funky finishes like black shiny and styles with patent leather uppers to make them shoes that were both utilitarian in the comfort and warmth they provided as well as funky enough to wear to any event or occasion.

Today rubber duck snowjoggers are sold all around the world and are worn by rockstars and athletes and famous celebrities as well. They are available in a number of styles that take the original concept in bold new directions and cater to new audiences.


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